Every month we let a business insider share his or her hottest investment tips. This month, Stefan Lindeberg, independent adviser and co-founder of several tech companies, outlines five current opportunities.

How do you get the rowing boat that you just bought online from another part of the country to your home? Sendus has created a marketplace where consumers are matched with more than 100 transportation companies. http://www.sendus.se/

Goo Technologies   
Apple, Microsoft and Google agree that Adobe Flash as a platform for multimedia content heavy web applications is on its way out, and that HTML5/webGL will take over. Web technology company Goo Technologies supplies a platform that offers the capability to step into the next generation of online game technology. http://www.gootechnologies.com/

The next generation of successful computer games will be played on all sizes of devices, from smartphones to game consoles connected to 55-inch screens. The gaming experience will be tailored to the specific device but performance and social connections will remain the same across all of them. Swedish game development studio Fatshark delivers this experience with new high-end game engine Bitsquid. http://www.fatshark.se/

What if you could play FIFA 2013 against Zlatan Ibrahimovic and have your own head on one of the players? Or if you could get a 3D image of a room to help you with your decorating plans? Volumental has the world’s first browser-based 3D scanner, which originally started as part of a research project at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. http://www.volumental.com/

A new dimension of security based on an individual's behaviour. BehavioSec presents the latest in real-time security through the ability to monitor the way users interact with their device. By monitoring the environment and interactions such as typing rhythm or mouse patterns, its technology is able to recognise if someone else other than the intended user is operating the device.  http://www.behaviosec.com/

Stefan Lindeberg has an extraordinarily broad range of experience in the technology industry, He has co-founded companies, successfully acquired venture funding, invested as a business angel, co-founded venture fund Creandum, and has corporate experience from working with and acquiring startups from Cisco and Microsoft.

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This article was published in collaboration with Stockholm Business Region.

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