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Every month we let a business insider share his or her hottest investment tips. This month, Daniel Katzenellenbogen, COO at incubator Serendipity Innovations, an investment firm specialising in venture management, identifies five current opportunities.

Biovica – Biovica provides the market's most sensitive test for cell division that enables earlier discovery of cancer as well as a better follow-up after diagnosis. With increased knowledge, the development of the disease can be predicted and doctors and patients have more information for critical treatment decisions. Also, studies with Karolinska Institutet demonstrate that the test shows whether the patient will respond to chemotherapy, how aggressive the disease is, and the risk of relapse.

Premune – Veterinary pharmaceuticals company developing the worlds first preventive treatment for canine allergies. 20 percent of all veterinary visits are related to allergies and the target markets consist of 12 million puppies annually. Collaborating with the world's largest pet insurance company and with on-going negotiations with several leading veterinary pharmaceutical firms, Premune is a serious player in the global attempt to change allergy treatment.

Oss-Q – Oss-Q provides unique implants for complex bone defects. The implants are based on a mosaic material on which bone tissue grows. The bone growth leads to effective integration of the implant in adjacent materials, which improves quality of life for the patient and reduces costs for the hospital. The first patients who tested the Oss-Q implants have done so for  2.5 years with excellent results, taking Oss-Q one step closer to a billion dollar market.

ModPro – Has developed a new technology that enables pharmaceutical companies to reduce the R&D cost of new drugs by shortening the time it takes to reach market and increasing the success rate. Since the technology is based on enhancing pharmacological properties of existing molecules, it can rescue clinical failures and prolong patents of marketed drugs. ModPro has entered the in-vitro diagnostic market, estimated to be worth $16 billion, with  the synthetic reagent kit, which is superior and more cost-effective than those of its competitors.
Biolamina – Biolamina offers an exceptional material that is used to cultivate primary cells outside the human body. This is a pre-requisite for stem cell research and the only material free from animal components, which means it has been cleared for medical use in humans. Biolamina has seven products on the market. The size of its target market is estimated to $1 billion.

Serendipity Innovations is a management company with specialist expertise in innovation processes and early corporate development. Its core business is to create new innovative companies based on leading academic research. Serendipity began operations in 2004 and has since established and operated more than 15 companies; most of them in clean-tech,, materials and IT.

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This article was published in collaboration with Stockholm Business Region.

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