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Why Stockholm is Europe's greenest capital

Stockholm has been ranked as one of the world's best cities by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) global "liveability" ranking that focuses on green space.

Hong Kong is the best city in the world to live followed by Amsterdam, Osaka and Paris, the report said.

Stockholm came in at number six.

Criteria such as urban sprawl, connection and proximity to other cities, and pollution were taken into account.

In 2010 Stockholm was singled out for the European Union's first ever Green Capital award.

Some 40 percent of the inner city composed of green spaces. Even in central Stockholm, virtually all residents live within walking distance of lakes, hiking trails and other natural settings.

Hong Kong scored poorly for pollution and cultural assets, but scored on natural assets and low urban sprawl. "Hong Kong is a very compact city that has managed to maintain its natural heritage, create a dense network of green spaces and enjoy extensive links to the rest of the world," the report said. "It responded very well to the addition of spatial characteristics to the liveability index."

Tehran scored the lowest on the best cities index, followed by African cities Nairobi and Lusaka.

The index ranked 140 cities against one another.

The top 10
1. Hong Kong
2. Amsterdam
3. Osaka
4. Paris
5. Sydney

6. Stockholm
7. Berlin
8. Toronto
9. Munich
10. Tokyo
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

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