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Global Health Partner AB: Interim report January-June 2012: Adjustments to new market conditions

Press release published at The Swedish Wire


· Revenues increased by 4 percent to SEK 187.3 million (180.4)
· The operating result amounted to SEK -5.5 million (13.0)
· The result before tax amounted to SEK -6.9 million (11.9)
· The result after tax amounted to SEK -8.6 million (8.4)
· The result per share amounted to SEK -0.12 SEK (0.09)
· Organic growth of -10 percent (6)
· Adverse effects from lost tender process in Västra Götaland
· Temporary production disturbances have a negative effect on the result


· Revenues increased by 6 percent to SEK 379.7 million (359.3)
· The operating result amounted to SEK -0.5 million (23.4)
· The result before tax amounted to SEK -4.1 million (21.7)
· The result after tax amounted to SEK -9.6 million (14.4)
· The result per share amounted to SEK -0.18 million (0.14)
· Organic growth of -6 percent (12)


· Thorough adjustment plan is accelerated
· Closure of obesity surgery business in Denmark completed
· Further adaptations of capacity are ongoing to meet conditions on a weak Bariatric market
· Increased focus on areas where the patient has influence, such as patient free choice and insurance market
· Marianne Dicander-Alexandersson succeeds as new CEO on 13 August
· Per Båtelson remains in Global Health Partner as a working board member

The Group's results for the second quarter are very unsatisfactory but the development of results at the clinic level is developing mainly according to plan during the ongoing realisation of the action plan. A number of factors have affected the current quarter negatively but they are assessed to be under control for the coming quarters.

After a long period of tough competition and falling prices, the markets in Sweden and Denmark have come to a point where demand and prices have stabilized. During the past year, prices have fallen by 5-8 percent at the same time as inflation and increases in salary costs have contributed with a further deterioration in the profit margin by a few percent. One of the main objectives in the ongoing action plan is to change focus from the low priced, publicly procured segment, towards more qualitative and long-term market areas like the Nordic insurance companies and public patient free choice systems.

During 2012 we have focused hard on costs, productivity and adaptation of capacity, without compromising with our high quality. The weak results during the second quarter stem to a considerable extent from negative effects of the lost public tenders in Västra Götaland and disturbances in production that are of a temporary nature and which therefore give a far too negative picture of the achievements of the underlying business.

As a result of our high medical quality, we have also made a breakthrough in the insurance markets in Sweden and Denmark during the spring. We have entered into new agreements with a majority of the major companies, which gives us a favoured position in all diagnostic areas. In our assessment, we are on the way to becoming a market leader in this growing segment. At the same time we are going to increase our efforts to achieve corresponding appreciation of our high quality in publicly financed healthcare. This has proved to be successful in the areas where there is a free choice of hospital care, that is where the patients can themselves choose their healthcare provider.

During the past quarters we have focused on measures to increase our productivity. This work will continue during the rest of 2012. Organic growth is low in a historical perspective, primarily due to falling prices, but as we continue to grow in the insurance markets and new areas where there is a free choice of hospital care, we will see a recovery that we are well positioned to take advantage of.

17 July 2012
Global Health Partner AB (publ)

The Board

Queries should be addressed to:
Per Båtelson, CEO, phone: +46-705 95 57 00
Tobias Linebäck, CFO and Head of Investor Relations, phone: +46-708 55 37 19

Global Health Partner is an internationally active healthcare provider that operates specialist clinics in a select number of treatment areas through the application of a business model that is unique in the healthcare industry, where leading doctors become partners and shareholders. Multiple clinics with high patient volumes within the same area of treatment produce increased efficiency and higher quality, which is the cornerstone of Global Health Partner's business philosophy - "Quality through Specialisation". Global Health Partner's shares are traded on the Small Cap list at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm under the abbreviation "GHP."

Global Health Partner AB (publ) | www.globalhealthpartner.com
Corp. ID No. 556757-1103 | Östra Hamngatan 26-28 | SE-411 09 Gothenburg | Sweden
Tel +46-31 712 53 00 | Fax +46-31 313 13 21

Global Health Partner AB is required to publish the information herein according to the Swedish Securities Market Act. This information was published on 17 July 2012 at 8.00 a.m. CET.

This report has not been the subject of review by the company's auditor.

This is a translation of the Swedish version of the Interim report. When in doubt, the Swedish wording prevails.
This information was distributed by Cision

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