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The Swedish Wire is a media production company that provides high-quality text, image and video content for international clients.

Autoliv: Autoliv Introduces New Seatbelt System

Press release published at The Swedish Wire
 (Stockholm, May 7, 2012) --- In order to further enhance vehicle occupant safety, Autoliv Inc. (NYSE: ALV and SSE: ALIV) - the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems - has developed a new seatbelt concept that supplements the regular 3-point seatbelt with a 2-point belt (see illustration) so both shoulders of the vehicle occupant are strapped in. The seatbelt is currently being lauched on Renault's new electrical vehicle Twizy.  

Existing 3-point seatbelt systems are very efficient in most crashes and for most occupants. They typically reduce the risk for serious head injuries in head-on frontal crashes by 45-75% but are less effective for other crash types, such as side impact or roll-over accidents.

By adding a 2-point shoulder belt, the crash load on the occupant can be distributed over a wider area. This reduces the rib-strain by half which is especially important for elderly people as the chest of a 60 year old human can only withstand half as much load as the chest of a 20 year old individual.

Additionally, with the added 2-point seatbelt the occupant will be protected in all directions. This is important if the vehicle rotates, which is possible in oblique crashes and in crashes with a small overlap between the front-ends of the colliding vehicles, particularly in crashes involving a small car. Having dual seatbelts also reduces the risk of the occupant's head hitting the inside of the roof in roll-over accidents.

Furthermore, the new seatbelt system offers enhanced safety in side-impact collisions, since not only one shoulder of the occupant but both shoulders are strapped in by a seatbelt. This prevents an occupant from being thrown or sliding out of the "open side" of a 3-point seatbelt, when the vehicle is hit on the side where the occupant is not sitting. In those so-called far-side collisions, the occupant is hurled into the vehicle (due to the inertia force) and could hit hard objects, including the head of another passenger. In such far-side collisions, tests indicate that Autoliv's new supplementary vertical seatbelt over the occupant's inner shoulder will reduce the risk for severe injuries and fatalities by approximately 30%.

While other 4-point belt solutions exist, most of these seatbelts (such as 4-point harness belts) require both hands for buckling up. Studies have shown that the inconvenience of such designs reduces seatbelt usage and, as a result, the potential benefits of the 4-point belt system are lost. In contrast, Autoliv's new belt is very easy to use. The occupant just slips an arm under the new vertical shoulder belt (just as you slip under a strap of a backpack) and then buckles up the regular 3-point seatbelt as usual.  

Ola Boström, Associate Professor, Director Integrated Safety, Autoliv Research
Tel +46-733614342


The Renault Twizy with Autoliv's new 2+3 point seatbelt concept. The regular 3-point belt on the Twizy's left side is supplemented with a 2-point belt over the driver's right shoulder.

About the Renault Twizy
The Renault Twizy is an innovative electrical-powered two-seater that is comfortable and fun to drive, yet daring, open and revitalising. Designed from the wheels up as an "ultramobile", this cheeky newcomer offers urban mobility, especially in large cities with congestion problems.


About Autoliv
Autoliv Inc., the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, develops and manufactures automotive safety systems for all major automotive manufacturers in the world. Together with its joint ventures, Autoliv has more than 80 facilities with nearly 50,000 employees in 29 countries. In addition, the Company has ten technical centers in nine countries around the world, with 21 test tracks, more than any other automotive safety supplier. Sales in 2011 grew by 15% to US $8.2 billion. The Company's shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ALV) and its Swedish Depository Receipts on the OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm (ALIV sdb). For more information about Autoliv, please visit our company website at www.autoliv.com.

Safe Harbor Statement
This release contains statements that are not historical facts but rather forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (PSLRA). All such statements are based upon our current expectations and various assumptions, and apply only as of the date of this report. Our expectations and beliefs are express­ed in good faith and we believe there is a reasonable basis for them. How­ever, there can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will materialize or prove to be correct. Because such state­ments involve risks and uncer­tainties, the outcome could differ materially from those set out in the statements. For a summary of such risk factors, please refer to our latest 10-K and 10-Q filed with the SEC.  Except for our ongoing obligation to disclose information under law, we under­take no obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statements whether as a result of new informa­tion or future events. For any forward-looking statements con­tained in this or any other document, we claim the protection of the safe harbor for forward-looking statements contained in the PSLRA.
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