Sweden attracts foreign top level executives with economic stability and career opportunities in high-tech industries.

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An international study by the executive career service Experteer shows that more than one in five of top level executives and professionals have dared to take their chances in a foreign country, despite global economic uncertainty.

Sweden is one of the most attractive countries for foreign professionals to start working in, making the Scandinavian country one of the winners in the “war of talent”.

“Sweden keeps attracting executives despite European and global economic crisis”, Luciana Telles, marketing manager at Experteer in Munich, told The Swedish Wire. “Sweden has a positive count with more executives immigrating than migrating, most likely due to the stability of the economy”.

With relaxed labor migration rules in place, it has become easier to move to Sweden for work.

The Scandinavian countries recorded a net import of talent (more professionals moving to the country than emigrating) of 17 percent, the study said.

However, the winner in the war for talent is Switzerland, achieving a net gain in imported executive talent of nearly 30 percent.

Automotive skills have been in most demand in Germany and France, while construction and real estate skills sought in Eastern Europe and Austria. Banking and financial services skills were most attracted to Switzerland and the UK, and Life Sciences to Switzerland and the UK. 

Telecommunications specialists moved mainly to the Scandinavian countries.

"Sweden is a front-runner within the telecom and information technology sectors with many of the world's biggest companies present here, such as Ericsson, IBM, Telia and HP", said Martin Östling, head of sales at Sylog, one of Sweden's top IT consulting firms. "Sweden is definitely an attractive country for executives doing career in these industries".

In certain industries, one can clearly see a higher readiness for the change abroad. In Europe, 14 percent of all job seekers moving abroad are working in the consultancy industry, followed closely by 10 percent in the banking and financial services sector, as well as the IT sector.

About the study: British research institute OMIS Research analysed on behalf of Experteer anonymous data taken from 20,826 of its members from 20 countries and confederations. The analysis contains data from the years 2008 and 2009.

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Last Updated (Thursday, 23 September 2010 18:30)