58 percent of the men and 59 percent of the women aged 16 and older travelled during their holiday for at least one week last year. Young women are still the most active travellers, Statistics Sweden said in an update.

Statistics Sweden's Living Conditions Surveys show that holiday travel over the last six years has been at a fairly stable level of slightly less than 60 percent of the population age 16 and older.

However, a slight increase occurred for women 2012-2013. During the period, young women aged 16-24 have comprised the group that travelled the most. Women in the 45-54 year age group have increased their travelling somewhat since 2010-2011.

During a previous 12-month period in 2014, 23 percent of all women and men aged 16 and older had not taken a holiday trip or had access to a holiday home. Among single women with children, this figure was 38 percent while the corresponding share among cohabiting women with children was about half as high: 18 percent. Among persons with compulsory education as their highest level of education, the share was 35 percent, and only 13 percent among persons with post secondary education.

Other results from the 2014 Living Conditions Survey

• 16 percent live in overcrowded conditions, according to standard 3 (more than one person per room, not including kitchen and living room. Every child should also have his or her own bedroom).

• 19 percent do not have a cash margin of SEK 11 000.

• 22 percent have been to a concert, the theatre or a dance performance more than three times during the last 12 months.

• 8 percent have asthma.

• 13 percent actively take part in sports/outdoor association...

• 23 percent of all employees aged 16-64 work in shifts or according to a schedule.