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Investment opportunities

Tips from an insider: Five innovative tech startups

Tips from an insider: Stockholm tech start-ups

5 hot life science firms in Stockholm

Stockholm's top five infrastructure projects

Four Stockholm-based ICT firms to watch

Stockholm pioneers life science research

ICT startups offer investment opportunity

Swedish companies ready for exit

Five med-tech investment opportunities

Six cleantech investment opportunities

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Rankings and surveys

Sweden tops English-language skills ranking

Sweden ranked world's best country to grow old

Swedish passport world's best for travellers

Sweden second best country for mothers

Stockholm climbs in competitiveness rankings

Sweden among best countries to be born

Fortune: 'Stockholm top place for startups'

Sweden tops first global Web Index

Sweden world's second most innovative country

Stockholm world's 6th 'best city'

'Cool Stockholm' most competitive Nordic capital

Sweden has (second) best reputation in the world

Sweden among top in Internet download speed

Sweden scores highest in 'Rule of law index'

Stockholm world's No1 in intellectual capital

Sweden the world's most ICT-competitive country

Sweden great place for moms – but Norway better

Swedes place 4th in English skills ranking

Sweden among top ICT countries

Sweden’s 10 greenest brands

‘Sweden needs to sell itself more’

Sweden overtakes the US in competitiveness

Sweden 10th ‘most admired country globally’

Sweden climbs in 'doing business' ranking

Sweden among world's least corrupt nations

Sweden's mortality rates world's second lowest

Sweden a good place to die – but Britain is best

Children in Sweden have best lives

Sweden the most competitive EU nation

Safe to do business with Swedes

How Sweden became an innovation frontrunner

Nordic countries world's most food-secure

Sweden the world’s best country – politically

Swedish firms among world's top brands

Swedish brands climb in global ranking

Sweden tops government ranking - while US lags 

'Swedish model' outranks 'American dream'  

Sweden among world's least corrupt nations


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"The market is readjusting to the possibility of at least one rate cut”. Bloomberg said that Sweden’s krona declined to the weakest level in almost two years against the euro amid speculation the nation’s ...
Friday, 18 April 2014
...  may soon look for a new partner, Bloomberg said. He says the ownership is too concentrated. “The company would benefit from a somewhat more diversified shareholding structure,” Tornqvist, 60,told the ...
Monday, 31 March 2014
... bank capital levels • 'Swedish banks should have more capital than required by Basel III' • Banks urged to force households to amortize • FinMin to raise Swedish bank capital levels Bloomberg said Swedish ...
Tuesday, 25 March 2014
... pay down their home loans as regulators and the government are working on a “road map” for stricter rules to halt a buildup in consumer debt, Bloomberg reports. The association will ask banks to force ...
Thursday, 20 March 2014
VW: “We explicitly do not share their view on the valuation”. Bloomberg said that Volkswagen declined to raise a 6.7 billion-euro ($9.33 billion) bid for the rest of Swedish truckmaker Scania AB after ...
Wednesday, 19 March 2014
Asia's richest person eyes Swedish power grid on sale by Fortum. Bloomberg said that Fortum’s sale of its Swedish electricity grid is drawing interest from bidders including billionaire Li Ka-Shing’s ...
Thursday, 13 March 2014
Volvo AB, the world’s second-largest truckmaker, must keep increasing sales as it cuts costs, Chief Executive Officer Olof Persson said at an investor conference in New York, Bloomberg reports. The company ...
Tuesday, 11 March 2014
... of Ukraine’s territory, Bloomberg said, while giving the Kremlin a chance to pull back its troops and seek a negotiated settlement. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said that the gradual ratcheting-up ...
Tuesday, 04 March 2014
Bloomberg said Finland’s economy shrank less than economists estimated in the fourth quarter, easing pressure on Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen’s government as he struggles to contain debt growth in the ...
Monday, 03 March 2014
“This is an economic experiment” and “a delicate balance”. Bloomberg said that Sweden’s government signaled it won’t push for stricter bank rules than those already agreed on if there are signs that ...
Thursday, 20 February 2014
... recently told Bloomberg that Sweden’s economy will not need any more government help and predicted that the recovery has become self-sustaining. “Optimism is spreading, for example in the services sector,” ...
Friday, 14 February 2014
... Bloomberg reports. “It’s key that we dare to have a slightly tougher discussion surrounding our banks,” Borg said. “The other side of the coin is that if we have indebtedness that is too high and some ...
Tuesday, 11 February 2014
... Borg said rising dividends show the banks haven’t understood how to act responsibly, giving the government scope to further tighten capital requirements, Bloomberg reported. “It’s a bit surprising that ...
Friday, 07 February 2014
... the programmers who generate it, recently told Bloomberg. "[We will] view Bitcoins as what we call another asset -- just like art or antiques.”    ...
Monday, 03 February 2014
... even to financing terrorism. Now, the largest Nordic foreign currency trader, SEB, is rejecting requests from clients seeking to set up accounts to manage Bitcoin, Bloomberg said. “Given the rules we ...
Tuesday, 28 January 2014
... apartment prices may decline in the first quarter, Bloomberg said, referring to a survey by the Association of Swedish Real Estate Agents. “Compared with previous quarters, the difference between Norway ...
Monday, 27 January 2014
Bloomberg said that Finance Minister Anders Borg will seek even steeper capital requirements for Sweden’s major banks as he moves to shield the Nordic region’s largest economy from future financial industry ...
Monday, 20 January 2014
Swiss government seek to convince voters to buy Gripen. Bloomberg said that Switzerland will hold a national referendum on May 18 to determine whether the country should buy 22 Gripen combat jets as Swedish ...
Monday, 20 January 2014
... the lowest in at least five years as the pace of transactions accelerates, Bloomberg said, referring to the country’s biggest property website. “The turnover is high and properties are sold fast, which ...
Wednesday, 15 January 2014
Inflation was faster in December than economists forecast. The Swedish krona strengthened Tuesday as a report showed inflation was faster in December than economists forecast, Bloomberg said. The krona ...
Wednesday, 15 January 2014
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