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Sweden tops English-language skills ranking

Sweden ranked world's best country to grow old

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Sweden second best country for mothers

Stockholm climbs in competitiveness rankings

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Sweden tops first global Web Index

Sweden world's second most innovative country

Stockholm world's 6th 'best city'

'Cool Stockholm' most competitive Nordic capital

Sweden has (second) best reputation in the world

Sweden among top in Internet download speed

Sweden scores highest in 'Rule of law index'

Stockholm world's No1 in intellectual capital

Sweden the world's most ICT-competitive country

Sweden great place for moms – but Norway better

Swedes place 4th in English skills ranking

Sweden among top ICT countries

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‘Sweden needs to sell itself more’

Sweden overtakes the US in competitiveness

Sweden 10th ‘most admired country globally’

Sweden climbs in 'doing business' ranking

Sweden among world's least corrupt nations

Sweden's mortality rates world's second lowest

Sweden a good place to die – but Britain is best

Children in Sweden have best lives

Sweden the most competitive EU nation

Safe to do business with Swedes

How Sweden became an innovation frontrunner

Nordic countries world's most food-secure

Sweden the world’s best country – politically

Swedish firms among world's top brands

Swedish brands climb in global ranking

Sweden tops government ranking - while US lags 

'Swedish model' outranks 'American dream'  

Sweden among world's least corrupt nations




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Inflation is increasingly difficult to control from Sweden. The Swedish central bank’s unprecedented monetary stimulus will have little effect on bringing back inflation as companies are struggling ...
Tuesday, 24 March 2015
... authorities globally are resorting to new methods to nudge up inflation and growth. Central banks across Europe are fighting to stop their economies from slipping into damaging deflationary cycles that ...
Friday, 20 February 2015
...  continuing to improve. But inflation is too low. The executive board of the Riksbank has therefore decided that monetary policy needs to be even more expansionary for inflation to rise towards the ...
Tuesday, 11 November 2014
“The Swedish economy is relatively strong and economic activity is continuing to improve. But inflation is too low". Sweden’s central bank cut interest rates to zero as it stepped up its increasingly ...
Tuesday, 28 October 2014
... problematic because inflation is already very, very low, or they have to accept that the debt situation might even become worse. There’s no way out.” Sweden’s currency has climbed 0.3 percent versus ...
Monday, 27 October 2014
... Sweden’s economy is relatively strong, “low inflation is raising pressure on the Riksbank to further reduce interest rates,” Swedbank said.  ...
Tuesday, 21 October 2014
“I can’t envision a worse timing when we have an economy with such low inflation, a depleted monetary policy, a big output gap in the economy” Lenders in Sweden have chosen the “worst” moment to tighten ...
Monday, 13 October 2014
Prices of flats in Sweden's major cities have increased 600-750 percent since 1996, according to inflation-adjusted figures from real estate company HSB. "We definitely have a housing bubble", ...
Wednesday, 08 October 2014
... fell to 6.9% in August, the lowest figure in six years, and China's official purchasing manager's index fell to 51.1 in August from 51.7 in July. Inflation has also continued to fall. The Chinese government ...
Wednesday, 24 September 2014
... annually. However, the institute added that unemployment is still high and estimated it will be at about 6.5 percent in 2017 and 2018. Inflation is expected to increase from 0.6 percent this year to ...
Saturday, 30 August 2014
... says Håkan Frisén, Head of Economic Forecasting at SEB and Editor-in-Chief of Nordic Outlook. Underlying global price trends continue to be dominated by disinflationary forces, driven by low global resource ...
Tuesday, 26 August 2014
... we are experiencing extraordinary times with very low inflation, low interest rates and more than six years of central bank liquidity support in the euro zone and the U.S.," said CEO Annika Falkengren. ...
Monday, 14 July 2014
Löfven: “The Riksbank has not fulfilled the inflation target”. Two months after Nobel laureate Paul Krugman criticized Sweden’s central bank for exposing the largest Nordic economy to a deflationary spiral, ...
Friday, 20 June 2014
... month as inflation remains low. Sweden's statistics agency said last week that industrial production in April rose 3.0% on the month, better than the 1.8% rise expected by analysts in a Wall Street Journal ...
Wednesday, 11 June 2014
“It’s worrisome that we have such low inflation”. Sweden’s central bank faces a “pretty serious problem” in tackling below-target inflation, Deputy Governor Per Jansson told Bloomberg. “It’s worrisome ...
Tuesday, 03 June 2014
... global price trend is dominated by disinflationary forces, thus compelling the world's central banks to be more expansionary during our forecast period. Deflation risks will make central banks more tolerant ...
Thursday, 15 May 2014
... by good real wage growth, partly as a result of low inflation attributable to still-idle resources (though these are small in Russia) and small increases in commodity prices; oil prices will fall somewhat. ...
Thursday, 27 March 2014
... of erosion in many developed nations where governments face continued financial challenges and increasing demand from ageing populations. Government debt, inflation and fiscal policies could have a profound ...
Tuesday, 25 February 2014
... Sweden also attracts high levels of inward investment. "To have a high ranking, it is not enough to only show achievements in traditional indicators such as GDP (gross domestic product), growth and inflation," ...
Tuesday, 11 February 2014
Inflation was faster in December than economists forecast. The Swedish krona strengthened Tuesday as a report showed inflation was faster in December than economists forecast, Bloomberg said. The krona ...
Wednesday, 15 January 2014
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