New construction opportunities across Sweden

A raft of new infrastructure investments announced by the Swedish government and Transport Administration has opened up numerous business opportunities. Here we identify five of the best.

Ninni Löwgren, who heads up business development at the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, said there are great business opportunities for international construction companies thanks to the "extraordinarily large" infrastructure projects planned in Sweden.

"There are many projects within different areas, such as road, rail and ports, that could be attractive for many types of construction companies, both large international general contractors and smaller companies with expertise in specific areas," she told The Swedish Wire.

In recent years, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce has seen increasing interest from German construction companies looking to expand in Sweden. And it has arranged for German railway construction and engineering companies to meet with Swedish contractors in November.

Here Löwgren lists five interesting infrastructure projects in Stockholm.

• Stockholm bypass Project – E4 Förbifart Stockholm – is a new motorway linking southern and northern Stockholm, resulting in a new route for the European highway (E4) past Stockholm.

• Stockholm City Line – a railway tunnel under construction beneath central Stockholm, which will be used by the Stockholm Commuter Rail. The line will be 6 kilometres long, double track and electrified.

• Norra länken – one of Northern Europe’s largest road tunnel projects that will stretch from Karlberg to Värtan in Stockholm when it is completed. It is important for solving the traffic problems in the region, but it is also necessary for the construction of two new city districts in our rapidly growing city region.

• Stockholm Central Station - the largest railway station in Sweden. There are plans to rebuild its railway yard in connection to the Stockholm City Line, a railway tunnel under construction beneath central Stockholm.

• Bicycle routes in Nacka and Värmdö – projects aimed at facilitating everyday commuting by bicycle, with the construction of pedestrian and cycle paths.

More infrastructure projects in Sweden:

• BanaVäg i Väst Project – European route E45 between Gothenburg and Trollhättan is being expanded to create a four-lane road, whilst the railway along the entire Göta valley is being made double-track.

• BanaGods i Mitt – a project that will provide the ability to run more freight trains through central Sweden.

• Skellefteåprojektet – a construction projects where the goal is an efficient and sustainable transport with a safe and environmentally sound use.

The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce's mission is to develop trade between the two countries. They do this by helping German and Swedish companies to find each other, do business, establish operations and to support them when work gets underway.


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This article was published in collaboration with Stockholm Business Region.

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