Spotify's Daniel Ek crowned 'The Most Important Man In Music'

Spotify founder Daniel Ek is in 10th place in the Sunday Times' annual rundown of the Top 50 Music Millionaires in Britain and Ireland. That puts him at the same place as Rolling Stone front-man Mick Jagger. 

Just six years after founding Spotify, Daniel Ek, 29, is worth an estimated £190m and his music-streaming company is valued at £1.2bn.

Last year the music service branched out to America, along with the hugely popular Facebook application.

Spotify is a Swedish company and has its main office in Stockholm. Daniel Ek was included on the Britons-only rich list because he is partly based in London.

Forbes magazine in January ranked the Swedish entrepreneur “The Most Important Man In Music” for having created a free, Facebook-enabled platform that could save the recording industry from piracy–and iTunes.

He founded his first company in 1997 at the age of 14, according to Wikipedia. His ventures have included the founding of Advertigo, the advertising company acquired by TradeDoubler, and has been a part of the Nordic auction company Tradera (acquired by Ebay) and Evertigo.

The list is topped by Clive Calder, the founder of Jive Records, with an estimated worth of £1.35bn.



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