Sweden’s 10 greenest brands
Hottest cleantech trends in Scandinavia

Clean technology, such as recycling, renewable energy and energy efficiency, is one of the most popular sectors for foreign investors looking at Stockholm.

But which companies are most interesting to place your money in?

Pär Hedberg, CEO of Stockholm Innovation and Growth (Sting), a business incubator that helps entrepreneurs to build international growth, ranks six exciting cleantech companies.

"We see a massive inflow of new cleantech companies in Stockholm. The sector is booming", he told The Swedish Wire, adding that Swedish cleantech is on the rise internationally. "I just came back from China where the interest for Swedish innovative cleantech companies is massive. Several of our companies have succeeded better with their sales in China and India than in Sweden and Western Europe."

Business concept: Cortus develops, produces and commercialises solutions for supply of clean synthesis gas through an advanced and efficient gasification system.
Target market: Markets with significant contribution to the carbon dioxide emissions – namely electricity generation, transportation and energy-intensive industries.

Business concept: Develops technology, products and services for organic material moisture content analysis.
Target market: Industries based on the use of crops, wood, biomass, pulp, biofuel etc

Business concept: Offers a groundbreaking new sanitation solution to help solve the ongoing sanitation crisis. The Peepoo is a single-use self-sanitation biodegradable toilet in the form of a small bag that after use turns to valuable fertiliser.
Target market: Emergency relief, refugee camps, urban slums, schools.

Business concept: SEEC´s patented energy system saves the excess heat from the summer and uses it for heating during the winter, thereby solving the heating and cooling needs of properties and reducing the purchase of energy up to 80 %.
Target market: All types of  large buildings, such as shopping centers, hospitals and sports facilities.

Business concept: Develops and markets patented high-efficiency hybrid solar panels for production of heated water and electricity
Target market: Commercial, industrial and private housing. Solar-panel farms, small scale grid-in electricity systems etc.

Business concept: Leader  in the field of micro, hydrogen fuel cells  with  proprietary and innovative FuelCellSticker and Blade Assembly Technology High performance fuel cell chargers and low cost fuel cell components provide  mobile power solutions wherever electrical grid is inaccessible or unreliable faster.
Target market: Charger product solutions for Outdoor Recreation, Disaster Relief and Emerging Markets.

Sting’s business incubator helps entrepreneurs to build international growth companies faster. By offering support within business development, financing, and networking, they want to create the right conditions for startups to conquer the world. 

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Commissioned advertorial. This article was published in collaboration between Stockholm Business Region and The Swedish Wire.

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