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Furniture giant Ikea and carmaker Volvo has been ranked among Sweden’s greenest and most socially responsible brands in the country’s biggest sustainability survey for various brands.

In the Sustainable Brands survey more than 3,000 consumers were asked about how they perceived issues like human rights, action against corruption and environmental responsibility in 151 Swedish companies. Overall, food retailer and carmakers were considered the most kind-hearted industries.

Erik Hedén, head of the survey at IDG Research, pointed out that sustainability and social responsibility has emerged as a vital factor for companies to attract customers, employees and investors and to boost corporate image.

"Companies that are not working business-oriented with sustainability and communicate that will eventually be wiped out", he said, adding that the survey will serve as an independent and annually recurring survey of the various companies' sustainability communication.

Coop, a cooperative grocery retail chain with some 1,000 stores in the Nordic region, came in at number one. It’s main competitor, ICA, was ranked number two.

"We are very pleased to receive this award, not least because many businesses today do a very good job, which is sometimes overlooked", said Per Rosengren, director of the sustainable development of the KF Group, the owner of Coop.

In the car category Gothenburg-based carmaker Volvo, which has been bought by China’s Geely, made it to the top and came in at number three in the overall ranking. Saab, owned by Dutch sportscar maker Spyker, was ranked as number seven.

"We have a broad-based approach to sustainability, which contributes to the company's profitability. Our focus on green cars is the core of our work in this field and we have almost 100,000 green cars on Swedish roads alone, more than any other maker," says Linn Fortgens, director of sustainability issues at Volvo Car Corporation.

Dairy Arla and furniture giant Ikea came in at number four and five.

The Sustainable Brands 2011 survey follows the UN's Global Compact, which in turn is founded on ten principles that relate to corporate responsibility. These principles take into account human rights, good working conditions and action against corruption, as well as environmental responsibility.

The Sustainable Brands survey is undertaken by IDG Research, Relation Capital Partners AB and Novus Group International.

Sustainable Brands 2011 - top 10
1. Coop
2. ICA
3. Volvo
4. Arla
5. Ikea

6. Lantmännen
7. Saab
8. Skånemejerier
9. Systembolaget
10. Bilprovningen

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