Startup mogul Ola Ahlvarsson lists four Stockholm based ICT companies that investors should keep a close eye on.

Tech giants gulp down Stockholm startups
Sweden world's second most innovative country

Traditionally, Stockholm companies have been quick to realise the potential of expanding to the international market. So much so that today more than half of the country's income comes from exports.

But which firms best represent Sweden's rising stars on the global market?

Stockholm-based consulting firm Result specialises in helping Swedish companies to grow internationally and has been involved in some 150 launches across Europe, the US and Asia.

The company is headed by entrepreneurial activist Ola Ahlvarsson, one of the country's most well-known internet moguls.

"Swedish companies are honest and usually have international ambitions from the start," he told the Swedish Wire. "In the country we have a wide ecosystem of entrepreneurs who have done it before. That attracts investors."

Looking forward, he believes there will be greater convergence between internet, telecoms, entertainment and media, and it's within this new sector most new pioneering startups will be born.

Here Ahlvarsson lists four Stockholm based ICT companies that investors should keep a close eye on:

• Rebtel – The firm offers a variety of free and cheap communication services. With Rebtel, you can use any regular mobile or landline phone to make your calls and save up to 98% on your phone bill.

• Klarna – It aims to create safer, simpler and more fun online shopping by letting the consumer receive the goods first and pay afterwards.

• Tobii Technology – The company offers world-leading eye tracking and eye control for research, communication and industrial integration. Its eye-tracking technology has revolutionized research in many fields.

• Starcounter – Provides the fastest high performance database for real-time transaction applications. Its technology reduces hardware costs by orders of magnitude.

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This article was published in collaboration with Stockholm Business Region.

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